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Gift Set 5

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The ultimate kit for a very special someone. Really spoil your loved one, or yourself with our Cleanse and shave , Exfoliator and Pore minimiser, Moisturiser and shave Balm SPF20 and our Luxurious Hair and Body wash

1 X Cleanse & Shave Solution 
This two in one product is designed to deep cleanse your skin while foaming into a shaving cream allowing you to save time in achieving that sharp look.
1 X Moisturise & Shave Balm
Once clean and shaven its important to care for your skin, this product makes doing so much easier. Our moisturiser is the perfect shave balm, nourishing and protecting your skin with added SPF20
1 x Exfoliator & Pore Minimiser
Control oil and prevent ingrown hairs with our powerful exfoliator, powered by
glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, to gently dissolve and eliminate dead skin
cells and impurities. Designed to effectively deep clean and exfoliate without
disturbing your skin’s natural pH balance or moisture levels.
1 x Hair & Body Wash
Effective yet gentle cleansers make this 2-in-1 formula ideal for everyday use, leaving skin refreshed and energized by our signature scent. Cleanses hair without drying it out or weighing it down, while natural ingredients including Vitamin B5 maintain hair and scalp health.