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Cleanse & Shave - 100ml

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Our daily cleanser, which doubles as a shaving gel, contains antioxidants to combat signs of ageing. Invigorating citrus extracts brighten and hydrate dull, tired skin, delivering a healthy complexion and leaving you feeling refreshed.



Active Ingredients

Peppermint – helps prevent breakouts
Bergamot – healing, calming and antibacterial
Mandarin – antiseptic to help fight bacteria
Glycerine – anti-ageing and softens skin
Vitamin C – supports collagen production
Vitamin E – helps to repair sun damage


Apply a small amount, the size of a 5p coin, to wet hands and work into a lather.
Apply to slightly damp face using a circular motion, then remove with a damp cloth.
To use as a shave gel, apply a layer of cleanser to damp skin and massage into your
face and neck. Complete your normal shaving routine and rinse with warm water.
Follow with Monroe No. 2 Moisturiser & Shave Balm.

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