Why you need to be using a Glycolic Serum?

Glycolic Acid is part of a group of active compounds known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a.k.a AHA'S.  AHA's come from cane sugar, and out of all the active compounds Alpha Hydroxy's have the smallest molecules in the group. This means they are able to penetrate the skin deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness and oiliness.

How does it work?

Glycolic works by eating away at the glue between the cells. A natural exfoliant, it gently sloughs off dead skin cells.

Over time, Glycolic acid can literally slough off the top layer of skin and reveal the younger, fresher skin beneath. As Glycolic acid naturally derives from cane sugar, it is seen as an  excellent choice for those who are looking for a natural solution to their skin care needs.

 A product with pure glycolic acid in a lower concentration is much more effective than another which includes it along with other ingredients (for example in a moisturizer)

    • Get the full benefits from a focused glycolic acid product, and let your moisturizer do it’s proper job! Try our Complex Clear Glycolic Serum it begins clearing blemishes and unclogging pores from the very first application. You will notice fewer new blemishes and a smoother complexion from day one.

One of the main benefits of the Glycolic acid serum is that while most products must be washed off, you can apply a serum and leave it on.

Benefits of Glycolic:

    • Fantastic exfoliant for even skin
    • Clears  up blocked pores and blackheads by releasing and disolving dead s
  •  Superb for acne/cystic acne which is caused by deep blockages of dead skin cells and sebum
  •  Reducse fine lines and signs of premature aging by increasing cell turnover 
  • Scars and in particular acne scars respond well to consistent glycolic acid treatment
  • Allows other products to work better by removing the ‘barrier’ of dead cells and surface grime
  •  Frequent use will provide better and better skin
  • Reduces the appearance of pores by keeping them clear and helping the surrounding cells to strengthen and regain elasticity

What is glycolic acid? The smallest alpha hydroxy acid, derived from sugar cane.

What is it good for? Providing an even exofoliation, brightening skin, restoring healthy pH to skin, removing blackheads and fine lines, treating pigmentation, acne and other skin conditions.


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