Why moisturising is so important

Moisturising your skin is a key to looking younger for longer. And many of us gents wouldn't ever dream of purchasing a moisturiser or cream that is specifically  for our use. It seems  we  are fond of nicking products from our other halves, but let me tell you that men's skin is actually thicker than women's and unfortunately their products will not do the job.

On average, men's skin is about 20 to 30 percent thicker than women's. Our skin also  contains more collagen and elastin, which gives the skin more elasticity and helps hold it tighter. Our hormones like testosterone also affect the skin, we are naturally much hairier than women, and hair glands produce oil, which affects skin composition. 

Because men have thicker skin and bigger, oil-producing pores, their skin requires moisturizer that is formulated specifically for them. (And no, it isn't just the fragrance and the color of the bottle that is different.) In most cases, moisturizers for men have higher concentrations of active ingredients.

In the same way that drinking water everyday is vital for the care of your skin, moisturising is equally important. Now you wouldn’t dream of ignoring your body’s needs by not drinking water, so you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating the largest organ in your body. And that’s your skin by the way. Yep, your skin is your largest and most seen organ, so you really should be moisturising twice, or at least once a day. 

“The interesting thing about skin care for men is that it often takes very little to make a big improvement,” says Kathleen M. Welsh, M.D., a San Francisco-based dermatologist. 

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