The Best Ways To Drink Coffee

With over 400 billion cups consumed every year, 95 million of which are drunk by the great British public, it is evident that coffee is one of our favourite drinks to have during our busy day. From a personal perspective it is a cappuccino that always kick starts my morning with signs of the Neanderthal man before I have my first. There are however many different ways to drink this powerful, caffeine infused liquid, whether it is a hybrid of its original format, or something pleasant to pair with it. Here we have put together three examples of the best way to drink a coffee at home or out and about with friends and family.




    The Affogato is perhaps one of the most delicious, dessert-drink concoctions ever made. Starting life in the 90’s, Affogato directly translates as “drowned” and it’s also exactly what it involves. Choosing a really good vanilla ice-cream, Madagascan would be my recommendation; you place a large scoop into a glass which you then freeze, preventing the ice cream from melting during the final phase. Next take a strong espresso coffee and roasting hot, drown the ice cream with the coffee. The cold cup will keep the ice-cream solid, allowing you spoon this delicious hot and cold creation into your mouth. Feeling a little more adventurous? Then add a dash of Italian liquor such as Frangelico or Amaretto for that extra kick. Perfezionare!



Cohiba Cigar

    Cohiba has been producing incredible cigars since 1966 and along with wine and whisky, coffee is one of the best things to have alongside one of these fine Cuban creations. Adored by countries leader Fidel Castro, the top one we would recommend is a Cohiba Behike 56. At £1,115 for a box of 10 they certainly aren’t cheap, however the investment is well worth it. Hand made and widely regarded as one of the world’s best cigars, its rich caramel and honey flavours go perfectly with a strong, smoky coffee. It is a box well worth breaking open during a sunny day in the garden wearing your Panama hat or as a talking point at the next dinner party you host.




    This age-old Italian biscuit created using almonds and flour originated in the town of Prato in Tuscany and translates as “twice-cooked”. Most importantly it is also a delicious counterpart to coffee.  Of course when having biscotti you have to get the best one and our top pick, along with that of Vogue and The New York Times is Boncora Biscotti. Hand made using a family recipe past down through generations, you can pick up a bag of this mouth-watering almond creation for around £12 on their online shop. The crucial thing to remember here is Biscotti is not actually dunked in coffee in Italy, only eaten alongside side it. Take a bite and taste the delicious almond flavours working together with the smoky coffee as you take a sip.



    There really is some fantastic ways to enjoy and pair up the next coffee you have. It is all about exciting your senses and invigorating those taste buds. Take into account aromatics, sweetness and body before putting all the elements together and you will experience some interesting, delicious and unique flavours next time you drink that rich cup of coffee.





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