September is nigh, summer is pretty much over and at Monroe this month we are focusing on you artists, creatives, welders, carpenters or you gents using your hands as your trade. We are interested in the arts, crafts, the hand-crafted. The Monroe team visited Stephen Kenny, printer and designer, and we have blogs to come  on why moisturising your hands is so important, what galleries Mr Monroe is heading to this month, the key to the perfect handshake and how to release your inner artist.

What you probably don’t know about Monroe of London is that each and every detail was thought out and designed by founders Luke and Gareth. The gold and black bands, inspired by cigar bands as both Luke and Gareth see themselves as cigar connoisseurs.  Our signature gold M, the same rich tone as Gareth’s mother’s wedding ring. Our diamond labelling, the same shape as Luke’s wife’s engagement ring. Kit bag, inspired by coffee bags and the shower gel, has a very similar colour to a drink we know they are fond of….yes...whiskey. So besides our products actually working, looking good and feeling good, each and every aspect of the finished product means something, and it might mean even more if you class yourself a gent. Have a look around our online store and let us know what you think.

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We have a really exciting giveaway this month. Stay tuned.

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