Mr Monroe's Travel Essentials

Before going away, it’s’ easy to get worked up worrying about what and what not to pack. Besides your passport, boarding pass and sunglasses, the list of items often begins to mount up just before departure, sun cream- check, book- check, headphones-check and so on. So to make your life easier, we have created an essential travel list.


 Number One: Ear plugs

Picked a hotel right in the centre of clubs and bars? Sat behind a screaming baby on the plane? Or are you simply trying to get some shut eye by the pool? Ear plugs will ensure you get your desired rest just in time for that Gin & Tonic at the bar.

Number Two: Comfortable shoes

Whether your holiday consists of exercise or not, the faultless trainer shouldn’t go a miss. A pair of comfortable yet fashionable sneakers is essential. And don’t worry about looking to casual, sportswear is still in.

 Number Three: Monroe Travel Kit

The ultimate travel companion, whatever your plans. The kit contains everything you need to look and feel your best. Conveniently sized and compact it includes a Cleanse & Shave Solution, Moisturiser &
Shave Balm, Exfoliator, Cologne, Hair & Body Wash and the Matte Clay. Job done.

Number Four: Sunglasses (and a spare)

Obvious, yes. But you’d be surprised how many of us leave them behind or even by the pool. Go for a classic style, Wayfarer, maybe, if you fancy playing it safe. Or, be daring and go for a bold colour or gold frame.

Number Five: Portable charger

No matter where you are in the world, it’s often hard to stay near a plug socket for long enough to charge your prized devices. Say hello to the portable power bank, convenient, clever and not costly. The battery operate charger is perfect those crucial moments on 0%.




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