Mr Monroe's Guide to Grooming

 Looking good is easy, and it shouldn't mean spending tons of money on numerous products and gadgets to keep you looking fresh. The key is in your daily routine, keeping it quick and simple and above all maintainable allows  you to always look your best. At Monroe we have developed products specifically for mens skin but also we have a range of skincare that is dual purpose. Our dual purpose products allow you more time on the important things, like those teeth and your hair. Here we have 5 essential grooming tips every man should know.

I'm talking about minimal effort, maximum results.

Number One, Exfoliate. 

Have you see Pharell Williams recently? If not, I advise you to give him a google. The man hasn't aged since about 94'. He lends his good looks to exfoliating, in a recent interview he said "I wash my face man, I scrub my face twice a day. Look after it, clean those pores." And if he isn't a good enough ambassador for exfoliating just think about upping your face wash game to one with microbeads. Micro- what, ok a textured face wash will do the job. The scrubs are designed to clear your dead skin. Your skin will look fresher in no time. 

Number Two, Apres-rasage.

Apres- what. Ok, I'm talking about aftershave. According to Huffington Post, ladies love a man with a good scent. Now I don't mean an overpowering, over lingering smell that keeps people at bay. Aftershave isn't supposed to be loud or obvious, if anything it should be your background note, you know just a subtle part of your presence. Finding your signature scent can take years and it's easy to get overwhelmed with quite a few mediocre ones.I suggest finding one or two you really like, perhaps a little more expensive but definitely worth it. Typical winter scents are quite woody, spicy and herby.

Number Three, Hair care.

We all have busy schedules, it's easy to not find to time for a haircut or a trim. We are all culprits of leaving our hair a little bit to long, waiting for those annoying comments "Oh you growing your hair out?" or "You look different". Let's avoid the scruffy look, be pro-active and not wait for the people around you to tell you, your hairs to long. Try booking your next appointment while you're in the barbers, roughly 4 weeks is good, and be there. Good hair makes a good first impression.

Number four, Squeaky clean.

I'm sure you brush your teeth but if you haven't already invested in an electric toothbrush I advise you to do so. There really is no longer excuse for you ignoring the technological advances. They are affordable, easy to find and they are designed to do most the work for you. According to a study, rotating brushes reduces 11% more plaque than your average toothbrush. And everyone know's a key to a woman heart is a good smile. (Not the only key I may note) The electric bad boys can also significantly reduce future gum problems, why not hey?

Number five, Moisturise. 

I doubt you let a day go by not drinking water, in the same way you need to be hydrating you skin, it's your largest organ. Moisturizing your face will help you to look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin, and it will keep your skin hydrated. Start your day after applying some moisturiser. 

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