Mr Monroe meets Stephen Kenny

               We made our way to Tottenham Hale to meet Stephen Kenny.

Printer, designer, father and dog owner. His work is for sale in the V&A, Liberty of London and has collaborations with Paul Smith, Penguin random house publishing  and Uniqlo Japan under his belt. Mr Kenny uses traditional printing equipment  and original wood type to create unique, eye catching prints full of interesting and witty text.


Stephen opens his studio to the public and runs a workshop “like no other” where you have the opportunity to become a Printer’s Devil (the correct term for a printer’s assistant) and gain hands on experience setting wood type, hand inking and pulling the prints yourself, all followed by lunch, a cold beer and 2 prints of your own to take home. And believe us, it’s pretty satisfying leaving with a piece of work designed and printed by yours truly. If you’re interested in becoming a printer’s devil head to Stephen’s website for full details.


This month at Monroe we are focusing on the creative and the hand crafted. Stephen Kenny hand prints and  designs cards and  posters which are stocked in Germany, the US, Asia and across the UK.  From Shoreditch to Winchester, the stockists tend to be cool and dare we say “trendy” or “hipster”.

Stephen lives in his studio/home with daughter Scarlett and dog Morris. Fit with prints, vinyl player and a drum kit, his abode is cool and fresh, an enviable space for working. We asked him what it was like living in his work space,

“Its cool living here - I love being around my gear, if I have an idea I can walk over and make it straight away.”

Stephens favorite product from the Monroe range is the cologne followed by the hand cream,

“my workshop has never smelt better”.

His biggest inspiration are the twin brothers Gurt and Uwe Tobias, Romanian natives known for their woodcut prints, sculptures, drawings and the use of strange colours and shapes.

“I have a lot of their catalogues.. The big work tends to be 'one off' lino prints that are joined together to make a large panel.. really their work is best when it's seen as an installation.. the lino prints are printed in many layers so you can see through each layer creating depth.”

Stephen style is cool and classic, his style icon is Steve McQueen in the Great Escape,

              “I also like Jack Nicohlson in ‘One flew over the Cuckoos nest’


Our day in Stephen’s studio was not only fun, but actually very interesting. Stephens work varies in colour, design and form, from bandanas, to posters and gift cards. We will most definitely be back. If you’re interested in Stephen’s work check out his website at and follow him on Instagram at

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