Monroe: A closer look in to the handcraft

At Monroe we have developed a range of products that fit in with our attitude to life. We believe that getting older and looking your age is something to be proud of. Silver foxes everywhere, we salute you.  We like things that have aged well and have uniqueness about them. We all know that jeans look their best after a few years of wear and a leather jacket looks its absolute worst on the first day you wear it, every day after that it just looks better and better. We don’t covet the “Brand New” or the “Pristine”, we like things that have developed over time, and gained both character and integrity. 

We believe that having a suit hand made for you by a tailor, is something that will make you stand out from the crowd, it should make you feel confidant, stylish and unique. You might have chosen the lining, buttons, fabric, and design. Your tailor will have crafted it all together for you, and you alone. Every time you put it on it should feel exciting and special. 

It’s like having a painting or a print that has been made on a traditional hand press, every one is different, and every time you look at it you will see it in a new light. Even if it has hung on your wall for years you will continue to find out new and interesting things about it, like an old friend.

Monroe recently visited Andrew at to see what drives him to create very high quality, low runs of classic clothing basics. T-shirts, sweat shirts , leather jackets and knitwear all made in the UK by craftsmen and women. These garments are designed to wear, and as they do so they will take on an individuality that will map their journey through life. Andrew takes the same approach when he is building a bike for himself or a lucky customer. His own machine has a hand built frame that has been tailored to his shape and riding style, while the engine has been stripped and re engineered to deliver more power and greater reliability. All of his clothing is made with the same simple ethics. They need to look good, wear well, they need to do the job they were designed for and have an authenticity about them, which comes from the passion Andrew has created them with.

We like Andrew’s approach. Probably because at Monroe we have the same attitude. All of our products have been engineered to do a specific job, and do it well. We start with Italian glass which we have hand painted in our own smoke grey colour. Our formulations have been developed with the team at who are at the cutting edge of skincare development in the UK. We addressed each new product development in  the same way. First we decided what we wanted it to do, and then work out the best way the achieve that result. It is very important to us that we make our products in the UK and we collaborate with suppliers who can produce small runs, so that we can keep control of the “hand made” quality that Monroe strives to delivers.



From design to execution, each and every detail of Monroe products are carefully thought out with you in mind. We produce quality skincare and grooming to help you age gracefully, look good, smell good and feel good.  At Monroe, we like to believe that there are many things that can better with age, us and you too can use products with ingredients that actually work to stand a cut above the rest. The difference between our brand and your large industrial skincare companies is that we really do care about each and every bottle. We invite you in to our world, enjoying the finer things in life can be easy.

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