Mayweather V McGregor: What you need to know

In a few days two of the biggest names in sport will take on each other, in a fight which is predicted to break the box office of all fights. The stage is set, the hype is building and after several months of training and talk, the once retired Mayweather will take on UFC’S biggest star Mcgregor in Las Vegas. Thousands will go and watch the fight in the arena and millions more will tune in around the world.

Now if you’ve been following the build up at all, you will know the rival trash talking and name calling has got ever more intense. This is set to be the fight of the millennium, you better get your bets in.

Here is everything you need to know about the fight between a boxer who has a record of 49-0 against a man who is yet to fight in a professional boxing match. Intense right?

Where, what and when?

  • This Saturday 26th August, times are yet to be announced but be prepared for a late one Uk viewers.

  • In the T-mobile arena, Las Vegas Strip Nevada.

How can I watch?

Sky Box office are selling the fight to UK viewers for around twenty quid, and you can stream this on the Sky sports box office app, or you can pay for it directly to your tv.

What are the odds?

So when the date finalised for the fight, bookies immediately predicted a win by Mayweather. But as the date closens, bets by Mcgregor fans are balancing the odds.

Exciting times. Good luck gents.

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