If you like the gym, you will love this.

Ok gents, what I'm about to tell you is really important. I’m going to let you into a little secret. You can actually make yourself look older by doing regular exercise. Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but there is overwhelming scientific evidence that shows regular and sustained physical exertion can cause something called oxidative stress. I don’t want to get too geeky here, but stick with me. When you exercise you produce something in your cells called free radicals. Not just a “one hit wonder “ band from the late 90’s, but nasty little over charged oxygen cells that thrash around inside you, bumping into good cells and destroying them. Lots of things can cause this kind of stress, sun damage, processed food, smoking, drinking, pollution in the air, stress, lack of sleep etc, etc, etc…….

The irony here is that guys who workout on a regular basis are usually guys who actually care about their appearance and believe that a trip to the gym will keep them fit and looking at their very best. Now I’m not saying cash in that membership and sit on your sofa instead of your rowing machine, no, no, no. You are not getting off that lightly.

What I am saying is that whatever your exercise routine, you need to make some effort to balance the free radicals you produce with anti oxidants.

Anti oxidants have become a real buzzword within the health and fitness industry over the past few years, and with good reason. I have recently read about a study in China that noticed the population in the cities was ageing ten times faster than the people in the countryside. This was attributed to the airborne toxins produced by pollution. This is very easily absorbed into the skin and then damages the layers deeper down in the dermis. It actually degrades the collagen with in the skin and will make skin dull and more prone to lines and wrinkles as it looses its natural elasticity.

Goji berries, Wild blueberries, Dark chocolate, Pecans nuts are all excellent ways to get anti oxidants into your body, but what can you do to protect your skin? The answer is simple; use products that are packed with anti oxidants everyday to keep your skin balanced.

At Monroe we have developed an anti oxidant spray. It has green tea, cucumber and Aloe Vera in it and I use it everyday, all day. Just pop it in your gym bag and use before and after your workout. Don’t stop there, if you travel into areas that have high pollution, use it as you would use a sunscreen. Think of it as face protection. Another great way to fight tired and fatigued skin is to carry a bottle with you on all fights. Make sure your Anti oxidant spray of choice is within airport guidelines, and once on board, spray t your hearts content. You will reach your destination feeling fresh and hydrated.  Try our facial mist here

Good luck gents,

Mr Monroe





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