How air pollution is ageing your skin: The Pollution Solution

New research has found that air pollution may be a primary cause of speeding up the ageing process.

For us city dwellers, London has been highlighted among the research as one of the cities where toxic fumes are effecting skin by accelerating wrinkles and age spots. Though the findings are being both seen in London and New York, the skin damage is also a  problem in more visibly polluted places such as countries in Asia. Air pollution already has links with lung and heart diseases and mental health problems but damage being caused to our largest organ-skin, is relatively new. 

Scientists have said that pollution is now being linked to eczema and hives and without a doubt, will be making the skin conditions worse. At one point London’s air pollution was higher than that of Beijing. 

According to research the sun is no longer the skin’s greatest enemy as scientists uncover the full impact of smog, traffic fumes and dust on our skin.

From dehydration and increased sensitivities to wrinkles and redness, air pollution isn’t just damaging health; it’s making your skin look years older, too. Exposed for a few hours, Vitamin E in your skin can reduce by as much as a quarter. Likewise, pigmentation spots can increase by 20%.

This all happens because the tiny chemical and dust particles are small enough to pass through the skin via pores. While some will move to the epidermis, other particles will actually block pores, leading to dull, oily skin and even inflammation.

With pollution levels reaching critical heights, protecting our skin and health from pollution is definitely something we all need to take seriously and we can start by incorporating anti pollution skincare in our routine. These are products rich in antioxidants, proven to prevent or reducing free-radical damage which coat the skin with a protective layer, helping to strengthen the epidermis barrier to combat the damage caused by toxins looming in the air. Ideally, anti pollution skincare products should sit on top of the skin so they can effectively shield pollutants without the risk of clogging pores. 

At Monroe we have formulated a product which acts as a protection from free radicals. Our hydro spray interacts and then terminates a chain reaction before they have time to damage our precious molecules.  Besides acting as a pollution protectant the Face Mist helps to preserve optimal moisture levels ensuring even the most thirsty skin is hydrated and refreshed whether at home, at the gym or when you’re on the go.  

Diet is important, too. Up your intake of pollution-fighting nutrients. These include antioxidants from any fruit and veg, but especially greens, berries, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots and chilli’s. Nuts and seeds are great too so is live yoghurt, seaweed and flavonoids (red wine, tea, and red fruits like cherries, currants,). Dress your salads with wheat germ oil for its high vitamin E content. For an extra boost, try taking the supplements alpha lipoid acid and N-acetyl cysteine, which help support the liver, which is key in detoxifying pollutants.

Effective cleansing is absolutely vital. This is not only to remove pollution particles but will help unblock pores and follicles.  Be gentle and don’t over scrub. Pollution particles attach to dead skin cells and can be very hard to remove with just cleansing so have a deep cleansing profession facial once a month.

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