5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are tough. According to science, our brains form a decision about someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them. Which means you have just seven seconds to project your best self! Today, we’re going to look at 5 ways to make a good impression, to ensure you win over everyone: from potential employers to potential partners, in-laws to investors – and everyone in between.

  • Look Your Best

This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines, but a clean face and an ironed shirt goes a long way! Check your teeth in a mirror to make sure there’s no bits of food, ensure your shoes are clean and ALWAYS check that there’s no stains on your clothes!

  • Be Polite

Manners don’t cost a penny. It’s an old saying (that your grandmother probably told you when you were a child) but it’s valuable! Being polite can be anything from asking someone’s name, to making sure you follow the correct social etiquette, such as hand-shaking or bowing. Being polite to someone not only brightens their day, but it helps them to form a good opinion of you.

  • Ask Questions

People love talking about themselves. When meeting someone, try to ask questions about them to help build a good rapport. This includes asking people how they are, if they have any plans for the weekend, where they’re from, and so on. NB: avoid questions that are too personal on the first time you meet them! There’s nothing more awkward than asking someone who’s newly divorced if they’re married, or asking someone how much money they make.

  • Compliment

Try complimenting people when you meet them – but don’t go over the top – and only drop compliments if they’re genuine. If you like someone’s trainers/car/watch then there’s nothing wrong with telling them that, but keep it short and sweet.

  • Smell good

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who smells really, really good. Always remember to SDC – shower, deodorant, and cologne.

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