5 Men’s Grooming Tips For Summer

1.  Protect your skin with an SPF moisturiser

We often think of SPF protection as something that’s limited to beach holidays and 35 degree pool-side temperatures, but in reality it should be much more of a daily staple. Our skincare experts recommend wearing at least an SPF15 on your face all year round, which means investing in a daily moisturiser like our award wining Moisturiser & Shave Balm that doubles up as sun protection. 

Ensuring that your skin stays hydrated at all times, these grooming heroes also protect against sunburn (at a minimum) but also longer term concerns such as skin ageing, pigmentation damage and skin cancer.


2.  Be wise with travel size

It’s true, size really does matter. Having a bathroom stocked full of luxurious grooming products is no use if you’re heading away on a summer break, or regularly spend nights away living out of a suitcase. You need all your essentials at your fingertips, which means convenient mini sizes of all your grooming favourites are a must. Add our Travel Kit to your itinerary and with six travel friendly sizes, you’ll never be found wanting.


3. Hot Weather? No sweat.

During the summer months, personal hygiene and perspiration can become a real concern if not handled correctly. Some guys are luckier than others, but generally you’ll have to up your deodorant game if you want to handle the heat. Investing in the right anti-perspirant means you can wear your light grey shirt again without fear of embarrassing yourself.

Top Tip: It’s also a good idea to switch up your deodorant every 6 months as your body can become immune to some of the sweat and odour fighting ingredients.


4.  When it comes to cologne, don’t come on too strong

Warmer weather can turn your cologne from a subtle scent to an overpowering aroma quicker than you can say citrus top notes. So as the temperatures rise it’s vital that you don’t go over the top with your fragrance application. Apply sparingly to your neck and wrists to avoid and remember…when it comes to summer scents, less is more.


5.  Keep your skin hydrated and refreshed

It’s not just UV-rays and sea water that can play havoc with your skin. Anyone who’s ever lived, worked, or commuted in a city during a heatwave will know that your skin can bear the brunt of other environmental factors. Humid tube journeys, air conditioned offices, air pollution – you name it, your skin has to deal with it.

To ensure your tired, overworked skin gets the boost of nutrients it needs, we recommend investing in a facial spritz like our Hydro Spray.It uses calming chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber extracts to soothe, while antioxidant green tea and vitamins A, C & E recharge your complexion. 

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