Cleanse Everyday

Ten years ago it was unheard of but today no one blinks an eyelid at the sight of a man-splashing out on his appearance. Spending time and money on treatments and products is no longer seen as unmanly and most men now know the difference between a cleanser and a moisturiser and are probably even using them… or yours. But with so many more more male beauty products than ever to choose from including anti-ageing creams, energy-boosting serums, tinted moisturisers, and blemish balms, most guys still need a few tips on how to get the best from their skin creams

*A man’s skin is around 20% thicker than a woman’s, is rich in collagen and elastin, making it firmer and giving it an advantage in the ageing process. However, it is oilier, has a tendency to sweat more, and is prone to dehydration due to daily shaving which is why cleansing your face twice a day - morning and night - is essential. Avoid using soap bars – Yes we know they’r e quicker especially for a quick rub it all over in the shower but they’re usually not good for the skin as they can strip the skin of its protective barrier causing dry and flaky skin. Monroe Cleanse & Shave solution makes it really easy to cleanse without stripping the skin, and shave or trim at the same time. affective and time saving.

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